Thursday, April 3, 2014

Preview: Carcass + The Black Dahlia Murder + Gorguts + Noisem + Derkéta @ Stage AE, 4/7

Carcass + The Black Dahlia Murder + Gorguts + Noisem + Derkéta / Stage AE
04.07 / Doors 6p / $25

Decibel, one of the better metal/heavy music magazines still in physical print, has sponsored not one, but three tours since 2012, featuring bands like Behemoth, Watain, Cannibal Corpse and Napalm Death. It’s rare to find an underground metal tour in the U.S. (or anywhere else for the most part) that neatly balances the demands of a financially viable ("popular") headliner with the clout and credibility of underground heroes desired by hardcore metalheads. In the realm of extreme metal, even the most influential genre-definers often must limit themselves to smaller tours, and in a city like Pittsburgh, that often means only one headliner at a medium-sized to small venue.

So it’s a testament to the skills of the organizers and promoters that the Decibel Magazine Tour 2014 is bringing Carcass, The Black Dahlia Murder, Gorguts, and Noisem to the gilded halls of Stage AE, along with local band, Derkéta. Old alternated with the young. The established-and-popular sharing stage with perennial legends and up-and-comers. The band who wrote songs called "Genital Grinder" and "Malignant Defecation" playing at a venue named for American Eagle Outfitters.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Preview: Whores + Lo-Pan + Supervoid + T-Tops @ Brillobox, 3/25

Whores + Lo-Pan + Supervoid + T-Tops / Brillobox
03.25 / Doors 9p / $8

It takes a pair of balls to name your band Whores. You're certainly not doing yourself any favors like that. There isn't going to be radio airplay or videos on MTV, nobody's wearing your t-shirt to work, not even in the most laid-back of offices. Hell, Google isn't even your friend. So you're going to have to work even harder to get your name out, to get people to hear your music. And you're going to have to make it all worth it, with jams as brutal and uncouth as your name would suggest.

Lucky for us, Atlanta noise-metal trio Whores is doing exactly that. The grinding, metallic hardcore that they're bringing to the Brillobox on Tuesday, March 25th lives right up to their name. And with the insane amount of press they've been getting lately, they're one of the hardest working bands around. Joining them on this leg of their east coast tour is Ohio stoner rock band, Lo-Pan (the second leg will be with Fight Amp), and their visit to Pittsburgh features locals Supervoid and T-Tops as well.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Preview: Activations + Señor Citizen & the Border Patrol + Zeitgeist + The City Buses @ Brillobox, 2/22

Activations + Señor Citizen & the Border Patrol + Zeitgeist + The City Buses / Brillobox
02.22 / Doors 9p / $7

Each month for almost the past year, Polish Hill record store Mind Cure Records has been releasing a 7" Single of the Month featuring local bands with an original song on Side A and a cover on Side B. Since the idea's launch last year, they've released music from bands like The Gotobeds, Old Head and EEL, and this month's release is just about ready to hit the shelves with a brand new slab of wax from punk band Activations.

To celebrate the release, the band is hosting a show at Lawrenceville's Brillobox on Saturday, February 22nd with fellow Single of the Month alums Zeitgeist, as well as Columbus, OH punk band, Señor Citizen & the Border Patrol and locals, The City Buses. But even that isn't enough for the insatiable punks, because they're also celebrating the release of yet another hot-off-the-presses 7" EP of their own. It's a double record release show, so you're only paying fifty cents an inch! If you do math that way. Which I clearly do.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Preview: Fist Fight in the Parking Lot + Lady Beast + Black Plastic Caskets + After the Fall @ Altar Bar, 1/11

Fist Fight in the Parking Lot + Lady Beast + Black Plastic Caskets + After the Fall / Altar Bar
01.11 / Doors 8p / $5

I’m fat. I probably gained fifteen pounds over the holidays. Some of that was my fault, but I’d like to mostly blame my relatives. They even gave me leftovers, as if I was actually going to eat them responsibly and mash them down my throat Joey Chestnut (American Hero) style. And thanks to generosity of strangers over the holiday season, I’ve had all this extra tip money from work to blow on things like caramel milkshakes with bourbon in them. It’s bull.

And the worst thing is I can’t go to the gym, otherwise I’ll be that guy. The guy who jumps in right after Christmas, totally banking on dropping thirty pounds right quick, and never stinking up the locker room again. Everyone hates that guy. I don’t even go the gym and I hate that guy. That doesn’t matter though, because the best exercise money can buy is a metal show. So if you’re like me and need to drop some extra weight, Fist Fight in the Parking Lot’s CD release show, this Saturday, January 11th at Altar Bar with friends, Lady BeastBlack Plastic Caskets and After the Fall, might just be the kick in the fat ass you need.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Preview: Demos Papadimas + Girl Scout + Boon @ Hambone's, 12/20

Demos Papadimas + Boon + Girl Scout / Hambone's
12.20 / Doors 8p / $5

We all have our holiday traditions. Some sing carols and string lights around the Christmas tree. Others make peppermint hot chocolate and settle in on the couch to watch Love, Actually (ironically, right?). Still others shun the holidays completely, posting anti-commercial screeds on the Internet while refusing to let an ounce of cinnamon-scented joy into their cold, dead hearts.

There has to be a middle ground, doesn’t there? Can it be there’s a way to genuinely celebrate the season’s good cheer without participating in another horribly awkward Secret Santa gift exchange? Here’s an idea: wear your best festive sweater, drink 30,000 beers, and take in an evening of shit-kicking roots and rock music. You can do just that at Hambone’s Pub on December 20th, thanks to Demos Papadimas, Girl Scout, and Boon. Doesn’t that just get you in the holiday spirit? Reminds me of the old children’s poem: “Twas the Friday before Christmas, when everyone was soused / Not a creature was sober, not even a mouse.”

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Whatever Happened: Rusted Root

What happened to Rusted Root? They never went away, that's what the fuck happened. Despite my pleas, my groveling, my ongoing negotiations with Lucifer, they remain intact playing their own brand of uninspired shitty world flavored music for Pittsburghers who want to wear stupid shawls and floppy hats in the serene environments of county parks and feel like hippies.

I know. I know. I'm a yinzer, too. And as a yinzer, I should be proud of anything Pittsburgh related that has reached the level of success that Rusted Root has. Hell, they have a platinum record. Platinum. Donnie Iris ain't got one. When was the last time Norm Nardini was on the charts? Gene the Werewolf? I should be on internet message boards trolling Dave Matthews fans because Rusted Root, being from Pittsburgh, is obviously better.

I don't, and I'm not proud, and if Rusted Root played in my back yard I'd call the police and have them arrested for disturbing the peace. Call me a xenophobe, but I don't much care for world music. When I listen to WYEP in my car, I've nearly caused massive accidents when the DJ spins some insipid, African or Latin inspired slop performed by some white guy who was raised in the upper middle class. Fuck that mess. I like my music American, British, and sometimes Swedish. I even have a little love in my heart for our brothers to the north.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Preview: Advance Base + Saintseneca + Vikesh Kapoor @ Garfield Artworks, 11/20

Advance Base + Saintseneca + Vikesh Kapoor / Garfield Artworks
11.20 / Doors 8p / $5

Despite being a born and raised Pittsburgher, I owe a lot to the Midwest--enough to potentially “boast” that I am a bi-product of the Rubber City (Akron, Ohio, for the uninitiated). I think if you’ve swum in any of the four western Great Lakes, have run through an Indiana cornfield, or eaten a Skyline chili dog, you have experienced a good amount of that part of the country to appreciate its rustic charm and simple beauty. If not, you have a chance to see two Midwestern acts at Garfield Artworks on November 20th: Advance Base and Saintseneca. If that sounds scary, don’t worry, PA-native Vikesh Kapoor will be there to comfort you with reassurance that you’re still technically in the Northeast.